Capabilities and Testing services

R&D development and Manufacturing
  • CO2 Laser (50cm x 30cm) with software
  • CNC machining (70cm x 30cm x 10cm) with software
  • CNC machining (30cm x 30cm x 7cm) with software
  • 3D-Printer with dual extruder
polymer preparation and composites
  • Heated table (1m x 1m), up to 250 oC
  • 5 x Vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum mixer with controlled temperature and speed
  • Polymer preparation with controlled temperature and magnetic stirrers
  • Press (20-tonnes)
Testing, Measurements & Characterization
  • Controlled Hydrothermal Fatigue (100 oC) according to ASTM
  • Thermal Fatigue with controlled thermal cycles (5 oC – 250 oC) according to ASTM
  • Thermal conductivity measurements according to ASTM
  • Aging (weather degradation) and data acquisition (UV, solar flux, temperature, rain, humidity, 8 channel temperature acquisition)
  • Artificial sun with controlled power
  • Micro-tensile tester
  • Optical microscopy (metallography)
  • Emissivity measurements through calorimetric techniques, according to ASTM
  • Thermography
  • 2 x 16 Channel temperature acquisition with software
  • High accuracy multimeter with software
  • 3 x Controlled DC Power supplies with software
  • 3 x Temperature controllers
  • 1 x Programmed cycling controller

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We draw our inspiration from Nature, Arts and Geometry, for the development of smart materials and products with unique capabilities.

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