GROW Foams

In4D-Mater, we develop a beyond-the-state-of-the-art, economic viable smart, biodegradable & plantable materials, under the name “GrowMaterials”. Grow Materials will challenge and replace fossil-based materials in high impact industries for achieving decarbonization goals, and protect land & water from solid wastes using principles from biology

We offer low-density core materials for biodegradable packaging and other applications.

The Problem
“Expanded Polystyrene”

Environmental damages of solid wastes equals to US$3.7 trillion per year

Solid wastes from expanded polystyrene: The Global Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Market is estimated at around 11,730 kilotons in 2022.

Environmental concern:

    • Microplastics
    • Can be consumed by aquatic/marine creatures
    • EPS is cannot be recycled easily


      • EU: Replacement of food containers made of expanded polystyrene (DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/904)
      • EU supports projects in order to eliminate EPS boxes
      • South Australia, UK, Washington: Ban of the expanded polystyrene food packaging.

We shape our plastics into plants by design. GROW Foams by 4D-Mater are transformed after their disposal into organic matter, feeding worms, creating plants and hosting life.

The product is disposed to soil and under natural conditions (sun, rain, micro-organisms), the material is degraded & cracks. The treated seeds are released while the roots cause larger cracks on the material. A full plant is formed after 50 days.*

Technology of GROW Foams

Our materials are placed beyond-the-state-of-the-art. We combine uniquely, A) biodegradable materials using biopolymers from food industries (mainly fishery industry), fast growing seeds, natural fibres and ceramics, that are used for faster decomposition of the foams, and grow edible plants or flowers, after the disposal of the packaging materials. These smart packaging materials will eliminate solid wastes and create green areas and minimize environmental damages. The sustainability analysis dictates significant advantages in terms of CO2 footprint, eco-toxicity, human health and resource depletion.


The fabrication process and the material constituents’ control and determine the micro-structure of the foam. Also, a low-energy fabrication technology has been developed for low temperature levels. The fabrication protocol allows us to fully control the density of the foam. Thus, foams with very low density and minimum cost are achievable. Therefore, the combination of the material itself and the fabrication process leads to the development of smart packaging in various industries.

We control the micro-structure of the foam, creating special textures


GROW Foams as Protective Packaging

The packaging market in European Protective Packaging Market would witness a growth of 5.1% CAGR during the forecast period (2022-2028) and the market size is 10 billion where plastic foams represent the 12-15% of the market size. The market is expanding significantly as a result of development of environmentally friendly packaging option.
More specifically, for each metric ton of the Grow foam, we reduce 5 tons of eqCO2, and we expect also a financial reduction of environmental damages equal to 2000 euros/ton (eco-toxicity, human health, resource depletion και CO2 footprint). More positive impacts because of the plantation will be significant.

We want to replace polystyrene packaging and other polystyrene products. Using GROW Foams from 4D-mater, you create plants instead of micro-plastics.


GROW Foams for Building Sector

We have developed a multilayer material with low thermal conductivity and fire resistant bio-ceramics.


Natural Hydrophobic Surfaces

We have developed a fully natural based material with advanced hydrophobic properties.



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We draw our inspiration from Nature, Arts and Geometry, for the development of smart materials and products with unique capabilities.

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